The Accreditation Course is run over 5 days. You chose the 5 days that suit you. It can be over a number of weekends if you prefer. On the completion of the course you will receive a WillowBlue Bat Makers Accreditation. 

This means you will have the expertise to make cricket bats entirely by hand (No electric Copy Lathes, Spindle moulders or CNC machines) and access WillowBlue English Willow grown under environmental planting permits. 

During the course you will also learn how to sharpen traditional hand tools (Draw Knives, spoke shaves & block plains) and the skill of repairing cricket bats properly... not wishfully!

 You will trial these tools until you feel confident. 

You will progress to designing a bat; the fitting of handles; 

You will learn about the timber, its origins, processing and grading and by the end of the course you will have finished 2 cricket bats.

We will help you source your tools and all other bat making consumables.

The cost of the course includes accommodation and your first 10 WillowBlue English Willow Clefts and handles.

For the course time table see the link below:

cost; $6500



In conjunction with "The Cricketeer's Pavilion Project"Australia's Master Bat Maker, former Test Cricketer Ian Callen. 

Please note: The price is structured for senior or junior size bats. 

You will take home a magnificent top of the range custom made cricket bat valued at $1200 or $900 Harrow size Junior bat; and of course a new appreciation of the historic art of pod shaving. 

A course can consist of 4 persons or it can be "One on One" either way we ensure you get the maximum enjoyment and pod shaving


All funds from your participation will help pay for the PERMITS we need to build the "CRICKETEERS PAVILION" & establish a home for the Australian Country Cricketeers Club and the future of the Cricket Bat Willow industry in Australia. 


Callen Cricket

Tarrawarra, VIC.

Adult Course:

Super Grade quality $950 including GST

Junior Course; accompanied by Parent or Grand Parent.

Best Junior quality English Willow.

Cost $750 including GST